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Can I increase my score?

cdoyle428cdoyle428 Member
edited July 2013 in October 2013 LSAT 5 karma
Hello all,

I've just started taking full length timed tests, starting with preptest 42 and plan on completing 43-69 up to the October test. I am currently scoring around the low 160's. My big issue is timing with the Reading Comp. I'm consistently scoring -2 or less on games, and around -4 or -5 on LR. Can I improve my score enough to get around a 170? I feel if I can just improve on my RC timing within the next 25 or so preptests I take, I should be all set for October. Thanks for your help!



  • canuckcanuck Member
    edited July 2013 10 karma
    If you just started PT´s and you are already scoring low 160´s I´d say your in pretty good shape to do very well by October. Considering you still have nearly 3 months I definitely think a 10 point increase is attainable. I´ve heard of much more drastic increases!
  • cdoyle428cdoyle428 Member
    5 karma
    Thanks much...quite encouraging!
  • HaimTimeHaimTime Member
    2 karma
    Yes Chris you should be able to score atleast 175 with 3 months of consistent practice.
  • 2 karma
    I have a very similar question-- as of the end of the month I consistently scored 162 on two PrepTests. My LG was my weakest, and thus I have improved and are improving (down to about -5 ,-4 which is an improvement from about -10 a month back). Do you think with practice I can score 165-170 by October?
    Some current stats: around 19-21/25-26 on LR; Similar stats for RC (19-22/27)

    Thanks for the help!
  • K SK S Member
    86 karma
    Its now about a month - a month and a half until the LSAT. I have been consistently getting better....however I just took a PT and got a 155. I want at least a 5-10 point increase. Possible?
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