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Logic Game Timing Differences between Easy and Hard Games

eagles111eagles111 Free Trial Member
in Logic Games 45 karma

I was wondering if anyone may know why this may be the case but I noticed that for many of the "easy" logic games (based of the 7Sage Recommended time) I struggle to meet the 5-6 mins for easy games ( I take around 7 mins usually and sometimes 8) but for the harder games I am usually below 7 Sage's time by 2-3 mins. It seems like for me I am consistent on games in terms of time 'regardless' of the difficulty where it takes me roughly the same amount of time to complete a game. That said there are anomalies where I have spent 12-15 mins on a game and still can't figure it out or like 5 mins on a single question

Is there any other way to get it down to be faster on easier games aside from repeatedly doing it? Over the last week I have drilled only easy games and I think I have shaved off 30-60sec on average on re-doing the game a 3-4 days later but when I review I really find it hard as to where else I can save more time.

Also, does anyone else double check your work on games? I find that sometimes I make a careless errors like forgetting a rule existed for a specific question. I have also made fatal errors before like omitting an entire rule ( which I guess can't be helped aside from checking the rules one last time before making inferences). In all they probably cost me between 1-2 points on LG section and then another 1-2 LG question is wrong due either to time or just something more fundamental like those rule substitution questions


  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma

    those times are just that: recommendations. It's ok to be under and over, as long as you can finish the sections in 35 minutes. Preferably with a few minutes to check your work. More than anything, though, work on getting those easier games done faster. That's a big secret. The hard games aren't always harder, so much as they take longer. If you can knock out those easy games in 5 minutes, you'll be killing it.

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