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is it bad to take PT at different times from the actual lsat?

unrealsimonunrealsimon Alum Member
edited September 2014 in General 48 karma
I know the September one is going to be at 8h30am, but I have school, and I have the whole afternoon free. I know I should be consistent but will it have any negative impacts other than not being able to get the benefits of consistency? I will still write other PT in the morning on the weekends whenever I can.


  • Allison MAllison M Alum Member Inactive Sage
    810 karma
    In an ideal world, sure, we'd all take PTs under test day conditions each and every time. But this isn't an ideal world, and you don't have time to study in the mornings. So do whatever is possible.
  • mjjohns6mjjohns6 Member
    418 karma
    I think that as long as you make time to take your PTs you should be fine.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Free Trial
    310 karma
    I would just try to get use to getting up early, I think that is more important.
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