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New Logic Games Hurting Score

Sarah889Sarah889 Alum Member
in Logic Games 877 karma

Hi All,

Does anyone have suggestions for external sources for logic puzzles? I've been noticing on the newer tests that the unfamiliar games are seriously tripping me up.

I usually am paralyzed by them during the test; however, immediately after I finish the test, I will take a fresh look at it and be able to solve it with little, if any, issue. I know a lot of this is psychological, so I want to get as familiar as possible with new logic games and become comfortable with thinking on the spot. Every logic book I looked at does not even sort of reflect the type of scenarios I see on the LSAT. The puzzles don't have to simulate the LSAT questions exactly, but I would like become familiar with unusual puzzles that are at least somewhat relevant to the newer games. My research has led me to the conclusion that there are not many resources out there for this.

Has anyone come across anything that might be helpful OR does anyone have any other suggestions for fixing my logic game paralysis problem?



  • JDtobeeeeJDtobeeee Alum Member
    edited August 2017 175 karma

    When doing a timed PT, try solving the games you are confident in first. Once you build up momentum, I find the "new" types of games aren't as intimidating.

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