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Study Buddy In OC

LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
edited September 2014 in General 244 karma
Looking for a study buddy in Orange County Area. Looking to go at the December Test! at high 50's Low 60's looking to pass 70. Contact me if interested


  • MMOON3721MMOON3721 Alum Member
    35 karma
    My name is Michelle. I have been preparing LSAT for more than a year. I took a TestMasters and 7 Sage prep courses; also covered several materials including LSAT Trainer, Bibles, Manhattan Strategies Books and Multiple PTs. I have developed several strategies and would like to share with yours.

    I made a decision to take a leave from work in order to completely focus on studying – this shows how much I am serious and determined. I am looking for someone who can share this motivation and be a supporter and a couch for each other. I’ve studied with few other people and found it very effective to analyze questions together and talk it out and explain to each other; way more than just listening to the lecture. I would also like to take the entire PT together under strict time limit.
    My Skype ID is michellemoon0708. I am down to talk any time. I am willing to work on any time frame/schedule. Please contact me at Looking forward to hearing from you!

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