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Should I reschedule my September LSAT to December?

I haven't been hitting my target score. I'm a few points away, but I haven't been hitting it.
I signed up for the September LSAT, but now I'm thinking about rescheduling it to December.

I didn't want to do it because I thought maybe that might mean law schools might have already filled up most of their spots by December, so I may have a smaller chance of getting in. Really wanted to start law school next year, and I thought taking in September would be best for timing purposes, but i am not hitting the score I need to hit, so now I'm leaning more towards rescheduling to December. i'm just having a really tough time deciding, so I wanted to get your opinions on this matter.

Thoughts? Advice/suggestions?

Thanks so much.


  • side braidside braid Legacy Member
    83 karma

    I think I heard in one of @"nicole.hopkins" webinars that you should hit your target score 5-10 times before your official test. I've also heard BR scores should be high 170s to 180 range if you're aiming for 170+. Not sure what that translates to if your target score is below or above 170.

  • gloriaurbina7gloriaurbina7 Alum Member
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    If you decide to take in December and get a great LSAT score, I don't think you're lowering your chances of getting in. If you were to take the exam in February, then you probably would though. The only downside of December might be the amount of aid available. If you do take it in December, just try to have all the other aspects of your application ready to go ( letters of rec, personal statement etc). That way you'll be able to submit your applications very soon after receiving your LSAT Score.

    If you know you can improve, then I'd suggest waiting until December. I'm not sure what happens if you were to decide to take both the September exam and December exam, since I know some schools average your scores whereas others just take the highest.

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