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Should I take the September LSAT?

.Damian..Damian. Legacy Member

I've been studying for this test properly for about a year now, meaning that I've been taking practice tests and blind reviewing them. I've been somewhat familiarizing myself with the LSAT material for about two years now but only last year did I start taking practice LSATs. I've taken 20-30 practice tests until now. I was feeling fairly confident until I took my last three LSATs, which are recent. I scored a 164 on two of them and a 163 on one of them. When I blind reviewed those exams my score went up anywhere from a 170 to a177. I'm aiming for one of the top 20 law schools and, therefore, my score of 164 won't cut it. What do you guys think I should do? and do you think that I could potentially achieve my BR score on a timed LSAT?

Thanks for your feedback.

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