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Sept 2017 LSAT [Australia]

georgiawgeorgiaw Legacy Member

Wondering if anybody on here has just taken the Sept 2017 LSAT in Australia? It is different from the US version and hoping to gain any insight into the experimental sections/any general thoughts you had !

I had 3 LR so i know that my LG and RC were real.

From what i can remember:
LG1: One layer sequencing game
Had a Condition that M-W.
R either first or 6th

LG2: Something with artefacts

LG3:[completely skipped as pressed for time]

LG4: Double layer sequencing game
Buildings being erected either Upper or Lower (Buildings FGHI)

-reading about kente woven fabric
-reading about whether chemistry and physics are linked
-reading about law systems in UK and technology

Any info about how many questions were in each of your LRs would be super helpful!

Thanks :))))

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