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How to "restart" studying from Sept to Dec test?

rugangelrugangel Alum Member
in General 56 karma

Hi guys,

I need some advice on the best and most effective way to study from now until the December exam. I just took the September exam. I know I will not be getting my ideal score. I didn't finish a section, and rushed two other sections...and this has never happened to me in the last month of PT'ing. So I want to take the December exam and execute my skills much better.

In giving your advice, can you tell me if you think its a good idea to take a break? I have not started studying again since the Sept 16 test day. I don't want to lose my skills I worked so hard to nail down. I am thinking to start up again tomorrow.

My other concerns are...not having enough new material. I have done PT 70-81, and I've definitely practiced a lot in the 60's so those PT's aren't completely new/blank for me either. I figure I will just start with the 60's anyways since its been a while since I've looked it them. Then next month the later 70-81 PT set should feel less familiar and I can do them over again...

I will also do targeted drills. I plan to start doing at least one RC section a day because that's one of the sections I felt really rushed on this test.

Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated!!


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