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Sept Accommodations- Same test?

santon22santon22 Legacy Member

Did anyone who took the Sept 2017 LSAT with accommodations take the same test as the normal one, even after the normal test date?


  • Daniel.SieradzkiDaniel.Sieradzki Legacy Member Sage
    edited September 2017 2301 karma

    @santon22 Based on what I have read, students with accommodations used to have a different test. Now, they are often given the same test as long as they take it close to the same day (within a few days) as students without accommodations. The later you take it, the less likely it will be the same test. The reason for this is likely to prevent those students from gaining an advantage by reading about the test on online message boards.

    That being said, it is important to remember that the LSAC does a good job of making each test the same in terms of the difficulty of getting a particular score. This is done with the curve. Thus, even if someone takes a different test, they should score roughly the same as they would have on the other test. I know it might feel odd taking a different test, but it should not affect that person's score.

  • laurenkentlawlaurenkentlaw Legacy Member
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    I will say that I took the exam with accommodations and the Q responses that people left on the official sept lsat thread are the same ones I experienced. I tested the same day as the regular exam, just a different room with other accommodated exam takers. Yes, I had all 5 sections, they ceased cutting out the experimental section roughly a year ago I was told by the accommodations department personnel. Hey... fairs fair... I don't want to be babied just because I have ADHD. I'm alright with suffering just like the standard test taker through all 5.

    Accommodation: Large exam booklet and alternative answer sheet
    I WILL give a word of caution that I wish I had known about... unless you are almost legally blind, do NOT request the large print exam booklet OR the alternate answer sheet for that matter!!!!!!!! My doctor had notated that in his evaluation of the evidence of need form, so yeah you know I indicated that elsewhere on my accommodations requests. There is only 2 "example" pages of what that large book looks like on the LSAC website, and they show the logical reasoning section... so on it's own you think "okay that may be helpful, why not!" The kicker is when you get to the AR or RC sections and it was not something I could have ever prepared myself to face having no example of the layout. I estimated the booklet to be composed of side by side11x17 page size sheets, spiral bound. Imagine your AR game setup being on the far left hand side of an 11x17 sheet (put 2 letter size sheets of paper right next to each other, that's 11x17) and your questions begin roughly 2-3 letter size sheets away. Also you have to turn these massive pages back and forth to answer all the questions that pertain to either the passage for RC or the game rules for AR, the sheets are floppy and literally act like a sail as you frantically flip them. And no... you can't rip the pages out the book. I got to that point with tears in my eyes and was politely reminded by the proctor that it needed to remain intact. I nodded and soldiered on. I just want to get this out there and if JY can help me somehow let other accommodated testers be aware of this situation, then at least they will be prepared on if this larger booklet is indeed the accommodation they want to request. There is nothing on the internet that I could find after I came out the exam on this large print book and if anyone else had the same experience.

    I am retaking the exam in December with a REGULAR SIZE BOOKLET and the good ole' scantron.

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