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Update to the "Mentor" title!

inactiveinactive Alum Member
edited October 2017 in General 12637 karma

Hey 7Sagers, just wanted to update you on a small change we're making with our "Mentor" title.

We've had the title available for a long time and it has done wonders for the community, so special thanks to all past and present Mentors! The title has kind of evolved over the years into something better (at least in my opinion) and with that, we wanted to change up the name.

"Mentor" sounds like you'd be talking with someone who is a LSAT master—but not everyone is aware that our Mentors might still be studying for the LSAT and are just trying to help out. So, instead, we're switching the title over to a star (⭐). This will show that you're important to the 7Sage community the same way that "Mentor" does, but without the responsibility that some of the students might accidentally put on you of being a perfectly oiled machine, so to speak.

We're still trying this out and are thinking of different ways to incentivize all of this, so we may add more stars for students who help out more. If you have ideas, let us know!


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