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December retake advice--NYU and RTK Scholarship

amd_003_123amd_003_123 Alum Member

Hi there. I received my Sept LSAT score (167) last night and scored substantially lower than my prep-tests (avg173). I knew walking out of the test that my score would be lower as I screwed up the timing on my RC section pretty substantially and ended up rushing through the last passage, barely reading and answering the questions. My top school is NYU -- I was planning on applying ED and for the RTK scholarship. I am going to retake in December, but this eliminates the opportunity to apply ED and for the RTK scholarship ( I think?).

I guess I'm wondering if there are any other options-- is there any point in applying ED with my Sept. LSAT score and allowing my December score to come in later? Or is it possible to apply to the RTK scholarship with a Dec LSAT score (the application is technically due Jan 1st. but Dec. LSAT score release date is Jan 4th).

Applying as early as possible is something that has been emphasized so much by advisors that I guess I'm feeling apprehensive about a December retake, but I am confident that I can raise my score by at least 3 pts.

Any Advice would be much appreciated.

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