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BR score increased from 160 to 168 in 3 days.

jennybbbbbjennybbbbb Alum Member

YAY ME! I so happy right now even though I know it's my BR score.

I have been drilling down on the questions that I have had trouble on for the past couple of days and let's just say it helped tremendously! Honestly, I did take a day off to recharge since I think I was getting really frustrated and tired out from all the LSAT studying. So for everyone who is struggling with only one month away from the December test, I hope this motivates you! While I know this is only one PT... I feel as if I have gotten the fundamentals down. I honestly think I need to focus on timing now.

I basically need a schedule that I can follow to focus on timing strategies before test day.

Any strategies on timing that has worked for y'all? My timed score isn't even close to my BR score but I think I can get it to at least a 162... I have really bad anxiety so when I know I am being timed, I literally can't understand a word :\

What has worked for you guys?


  • kimpg_66kimpg_66 Alum Member
    1617 karma

    Congrats! You need to just keep doing timed sections. Maybe not whole tests, but timed no matter what. Get your brain used to a time ticking down.

  • AshleighKAshleighK Alum Member
    786 karma

    Keep doing timed sections throughout the week and reserve a day or two for full timed tests with the 5 sections and/or the writing. I'll do one or two untimed sections that I'm having trouble with to sharpen up and I've seen gradual improvements. I always reserve a day of no LSAT studying to relax!

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