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How to Approach Timing for December test

jennybbbbbjennybbbbb Alum Member

Hey guys,

So I am beginning timing now but I am unsure of how to approach this for the December test. I am BRing an average of 165-168. My timed score averages from 150 all the way to 159. I am aiming for above 162 for sure.

What do you guys recommend?

Should I dedicate one day to two days per section type and see what works (but I feel like my LR section suffers when I don't consistently do questions) ?

LR is my weakest section in terms of timing and LG is my strongest but I can definitely improve on all three sections. Considering my target score, what will be the most effective? What do you suggest?

How should I approach these few weeks before the December test? I need more like a study plan/schedule for these couple of weeks I guess... Kind of lost and all over the place right now.

Like today, I basically tried timing strategies for all three sections and found nothing helped other than the fact that I did better on LG. It was stress juggling all three sections on one day.

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