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Question re: studying

sbc.mom_3xsbc.mom_3x Alum Member
in General 1501 karma

I am curious, how many hours at one time do you study? My schedule will allow me to study at night time for 3-4 to 4.5 hours, sometimes I may shorten it down to get more sleep. Whereas 2-3 days of the week I'm going to have 8 free hours to study. Does anyone ever spend an entire 8 hours studying? Perhaps an hour or less break in between? Planning on sitting for the Feb '18 test. Just curious of the length of time some of you study at each setting.


  • Pink DustPink Dust Alum Member
    403 karma

    Yeah I have studied 8 hours. For the past month, I have just treated it as a full time job mon-friday. 9-5pm with an hour break for lunch. no lsat on the weekend. This way is much better than studying random times during the day. I know that after 5pm and weekends no lsat. I feel much more refreshed that way. Sometimes it might be 4 days a week.
    I am not productive at night so can't speak about that. everyone is different! :)
    I will say that before the September exam, i was doing 7 days a week! or at least trying to do it. I felt extremely burnt out.

  • sbc.mom_3xsbc.mom_3x Alum Member
    1501 karma

    What about studying say a half hour or an hour? I sometimes find random free time and I want to use that time wisely. I guess it depends on where one is at in the CC or with their studies. I guess I could review my notes I'm taking so far from the CC.

  • ChristopherrChristopherr Yearly Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    3703 karma

    When you have half and hour or an hour to study at random times, I recommend reviewing topics that you've already covered. I've found that for me that time period isn't quite long enough to study new complex topics, but for reviewing old logical concepts it's great.

  • skrishnanskrishnan Alum Member
    209 karma

    I have studied full time 8 hours a day and you cannot do it for more than a month. You will definitely feel burnt out. 4 hours of Quality studying a day is a good amount.

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