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[Test Center Review] Bowie State University, Bowie, Maryland

Proctors: 3 middle aged women, lead proctor was a university dean and professional demeanor.

Facilities: large brick academic building (MLK Jr. Communication Arts Center)

What kind of room: Mid-century-mod yellow lecture hall (tiered with steps), brick walls, no windows, lights optimal--not too bright (I worry about fluorescent-bulb-induced migraines and that was not an issue). Temperature was perfect (on a cold day).

How many in the room: around 50, and another 50 in another similar lecture hall.

Desks: generous space to spread out on long tables, with testers seated in every other chair. Chairs were attached to tables but swivel and tilt made them extremely comfortable for such a design. I am short (5'1") and my feet reached firmly to the floor, which is always a plus!

Left-handed accommodation: I am not left-handed, but I assume this is not needed due to table setup

Noise levels: quiet, except one train horn that scared the bejezus out of half the test-takers during the writing section.

Parking: plentiful, free -- but I was dropped off and that was easy too at the circle in front of the test building.

Time elapsed from arrival to test: testing started as on-time as I can imagine, about 20 minutes after the published start-time.

Irregularities or mishaps: Prior to the start of the test the proctors made a mistake with booklet distribution, realized their mistake and retrieved booklets to pass them out again in the correct order (by serial number)-- this was handled professionally but caused a huge wave of laughter through the room, which was an awesome way to break the pre-test anxiety! This was my first LSAT, so not sure if this is normal: at the end, we were released 45 minutes later than I was expecting if the test had started perfectly on-time-- I assume this is due to the time spent re-distributing materials after the break and prior to the writing section.

Other comments: The combination of desk space, chair comfort, and optimal lighting made this a winning test center!

Would you take the test here again? Absolutely, I will.

Date[s] of Exam[s]: 12/2/17

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