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Hypothesis on Harder Argument Part and Main Point Questions

paulfan2011paulfan2011 Member
edited August 2013 in Logical Reasoning 125 karma
We all know what AP and MP questions are, but I have ran into many harder AP and MP questions where the stimuli does not actually explicitly state the conclusion, making it difficult to label the different roles each sentences play. The conclusion in these questions are instead implied by the structure of the argument. Since I have ran into several questions like this, I have reasons to believe that this is a recurring theme on harder AP questions that we should be familiar with. However, this is only a hypothesis based on my experience, so I am here to ask all of you to pay attention to this type of questions and post it on this thread to confirm or reject this hypothesis.

Here are two questions that I have so far.
Preptest 28 Sec 3 # 14

The conclusion here is that citizens in a democratic country should not neglect to vote.

Preptest 50 Sec 2 # 19

The conclusion here seems to be that one should not go too far in limiting one's fat intake.

In either case the conclusion is not mentioned in the stimuli.

What are your opinions' on this?


  • J.Y. PingJ.Y. Ping Administrator Instructor
    13441 karma
    Yeah, these are special. Good catch. I'll also keep an eye out. Meanwhile, I posted an explanation for PT50 S2 Q19.
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