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PT schedule to follow for October '13

KK Member
edited August 2013 in October 2013 LSAT 345 karma

I've currently only taken 2 PT's (50, June 2007). I purchased some LSAT question bundles from cambridge lsat and drilled a bunch of LG and RC from tests 1-38. After each topic JY taught, I would spend about 2-3 hours doing drills from those packets.

I'm thinking of taking every other 50s test and then doing each 60-68 test.

Is this a good plan?

On PT 50 I screwed up hard on LR but after calming down my nerves and "retaking" the LR section I improved substantially. I have heaps to go though before I can say I am confident in my abilities to score 0 wrong (or as few wrong as possible). I did okay on the other sections but as mentioned in another post I ran out of time on the RC but got one wrong while missing two on LG because I didn't read my own inference chart properly...


  • CJ ShinCJ Shin Member
    302 karma
    Here are my recommendations.
    1. Get through the entire course and absorb all the fundamentals first.
    2. Do as many PTs as possible.
    3. However, you must devote quality time into reviewing each and every one of your PTs.

    Good luck!
  • KK Member
    345 karma
    Thank you CJ.

    I plan on spending this weekend reviewing the LR topics I am having trouble with and drill some older PT questions of those types.

    As for the BR would you recommend taking two days to do it?
  • CJ ShinCJ Shin Member
    302 karma
    Hey K,
    When I was starting out, I just solved every single question again without the time constraint. I would do this WITHOUT knowing the answers.
    It took me about 5 hrs to do this + reviewing the wrong answers.
    I think taking 2 days to do this is overkill haha.. but the important thing is to absorb everything you possibly can from that test.

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