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Need help with negation

lawgicallawgical Alum Member

I was trying to solve NA question by using negation test, but I had a hard time with sentences below:

  1. The magazine cannot give any favourable mention in its articles to its regular advertisers without compromising its reputation for editorial integrity.
  2. Carrying paid advertisements can never pose any threat to the magazine’s reputation for editorial integrity nor to the loyalty of its readership.

How do I have to negate this?


  • Heart Shaped BoxHeart Shaped Box Alum Member
    2426 karma

    I'm not sure if it would solve the question but I believe the negation would be,

    Fav mention --> compromise


    Fav mention and C

    Paid ad -- > threat integrity and loyalty


    Paid ad some threat integrity or loyalty

    I've shortened the sentences with key words or symbols that make sense to me, but feel free to tweek it to your own. It's subjective.

  • lawgicallawgical Alum Member
    46 karma

    @"Heart Shaped Box" Thanks! This helped me a lot : )

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