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LG: Trusting Your Game Board

bwrc1992bwrc1992 Alum Member
edited October 2014 in Logic Games 58 karma
Hi everyone,

I truthfully don't have a difficult time answering the LG questions/making the proper inferences once I know my game board is correct. That's where my problem is though. I don't trust my board, and I constantly find myself reviewing JY's answers before moving on to the questions.

Is this going to get better with practice or does anyone have any techniques on how I can improve on trusting my board? I suppose I already know the answer, it's just extremely frustrating. Will it just click after a certain point or am I doing something wrong?




  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
    1294 karma
    I would say with more games you'll gain more experience and thus, learn to have more faith in your game board. With more practice, you'll come to realize the most efficient way to set up your game board and make proper inferences so that you can easily pounce on the questions.
  • LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
    244 karma
    I have the same issue with the games, At first I thought that since there's IN OUT games and Sequencing I could just use the appropriate chart for each type of question once i recognize what type of LG question is coming at me but NO! And honestly with the time restrictions you don't have enough time to make witty inferences that J.Y. makes in the videos ( after spending hours and hours figuring it out and then making the videos like hey if you notice you can do this and that to get to the answer and it's like it has no foundation just wild strike outs at questions ) so don't get fooled by that. I guess just practice but I have been doing that with 7sage and it seems that every game has it's own twist and it's essentially not learnable, as in learn a technique and then use that technique for a question. Sorry this is no help just sort of ranting on how there's no solid foundation with the way the games are handled.
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