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QUESTION in LR support direction!?

TheBatmanTheBatman Alum Member
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What helps me remember the directions is telling myself: if we are doing something to the argument, it's UP. If we are using the argument to answer a question it's DOWN.

How are PRINCIPLE questions UP?

It seems to me it would be DOWN because we are using the argument to find the answer, and not adding anything to the argument. Or are we? Is it that the argument needs the "PRINCIPLE" explained to help it?

Am I thinking about LR support direction the wrong way?


Logical reasoning question stems grouped by support direction

Resolve, Reconcile, explain
Resolve the paradox

Main point
Method of reasoning
Argument part
Flawed method of reasoning
Parallel method of reasoning
Parallel flawed method of reasoning
Point at issue
Must be true
Most strongly supported
Must be false


  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
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    I think principle is "up" because we are given A->B and the AC supports/strengthens that by giving us A therefore B or an example of it; which in part strengthens the support for the argument provided in the stimulus. The "down" ones are those where we use the information in the stimulus to determine what is supported, like MSS. In principle, we are using the answer choice to support the stimulus, like SA. After all, principle questions are technically SA in reverse.

  • TheBatmanTheBatman Alum Member
    255 karma


    Great, thanks. That helps.

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