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Anyone sat for the LSAT in China and had a good experience?

Return On InferenceReturn On Inference Alum Member
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I'll likely be in China this coming fall, and I might need to retake depending on how June/July works out for me.

I've noticed that China has three testing centers - Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. I was wondering if any of you have had an experience at one of these testing centers. They're all within 1 days travel, so I'd like to register for one that has good reviews.

If anyone's taken it in China I'd be super interested to hear about your experience.


  • Brian_LSATBrian_LSAT Yearly Member
    232 karma

    I’m in SW China so I chose to travel to Thailand instead of the centers located in China, but I haven’t heard anything negative about taking the LSAT in China. The entire experience is very standardized and I’m sure China is no exception. I would recommend focusing on your own logistics- where will you be the most comfortable, where can you find a decent place to stay, etc. Also, make sure you look at the test dates carefully- some centers only offer the LSAT twice per year. I made sure to reserve a spot early since it’s not like there’s another location in the next town over.

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