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Advice on Application for This Cycle

sunflowersunflower Alum Member
edited October 2014 in General 46 karma
Hi, I'm currently studying for the December LSAT and hoping to use that score or if needed February score to apply to law schools for the Fall of 2015. Besides studying for the LSAT I haven't started on the other components of the application-resume, personal statement, etc. Should I go ahead and write the personal statement and other essays for schools now and submit them as I study for the Dec LSAT or should I do those after I take the Dec LSAT? Also, can one personal statement be sent to all the schools I'm applying? I haven't looked at any of the applications and I don't know how many different essays I have to write and was wondering if time would be better spent if I just study for the Dec test or I should get started on other parts of the application.
In addition, when should I choose which law schools to apply? I was hoping to use my Dec LSAT score to determine schools but if I do need to write specific essays schools require it seems I should choose schools before knowing my score...
Thanks in advance.


  • Vriver01Vriver01 Alum Member
    60 karma
    I'm wondering the same thing...any input about this would be great!
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