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Just took first timed PT after completing CC. Any advice on where to go from here?

JohnnyKarateJohnnyKarate Member
in General 157 karma

So my cold-diagnostic was a 151. Just finished the CC and took my first timed PT after completing it and I scored a 156. I know I messed up in RC by running out of time on the last passage, and one LG game threw me off which I can work on. I also am a bit rusty on LR since I haven't drilled LR for about 3 weeks while I finished LG and RC core curriculum stuff, so I missed a -9 on each LR section.

I got about 7 weeks to go before the July LSAT, if I just drill LR and LG while sprinkling in some RC, do y'all think I could realistically crack 160 by July/September? I plan on drilling LR 3 times a week and LG twice a week (which I can switch up depending on how well I'm doing in either).


  • testfromawaytestfromaway Alum Member
    280 karma

    No idea how many points you can improve (it depends what your issues are, how many hours you're willing to put in, and how quick a learner you are). I know I didn't see the benefit from the CC until a few weeks after finishing it, once the lessons fully percolated and I could apply them better.

    You should definitely plan on doing PTs and BR. BR, not drilling, is where the learning's happened for me, and you may find the same.

  • LivingThatLSATdreamLivingThatLSATdream Alum Member
    500 karma

    ditto @testfromaway the learning will happen substantially with blind review. Drilling is great but it won't fully prepare you for the exam. Take practice tests, video yourself taking them, blind review them, analyze the videos. Then drill certain question types you are having problems with if needed. Did you foolproof LG?

    With 7 weeks until the July test, you can maybe take 5-6 practice tests and fully review/analyze them. I don't know if that's enough. Every person and situation is different. The good thing is... if it isn't enough time, and you don't feel 100% for the July test you can sign up for September or November. You should have a better idea about your scoring range two weeks before the test. Keep at it! Finishing up the CC is a huge step in the right direction. Good luck!

  • keets993keets993 Alum Member 🍌
    6045 karma

    Depends on your BR score too. Your BR score is your theoretical maximum, what you would've gotten untimed. Based on your BR score, you can figure out which areas requiring drilling of fundamentals as opposed to timing strategies.

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Alum Member
    5244 karma

    Another vote for the Post-CC webinar if you haven't listened to it. :) Keep working and things are going to improve.

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