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Llama WhispererLlama Whisperer Alum Member
in June 2018 LSAT 138 karma

Hi everyone,

I've been doing PTs for the past 3 weeks now and have just been stuck around 155-160 averaging around the same for each section. Sometimes RC is horrible and sometimes i do really well, but the LR sections are always around 65-75%. It is so frustrating that I'm not getting any better and the June LSAT is FAST approaching. I started studying using 7Sage after my finals ended around April 20, and I naively thought that would be enough time. I did not want to take the undisclosed July sitting as this is my first attempt at the LSAT.
1. what should I try to do in terms of studying/reviewing? I have been doing BR and listing the questions I got wrong to review.
2. in the case that I would need to do the lsat again in september is there anything i should do different?

any other tips/tricks would be great too


  • studyingandrestudyingstudyingandrestudying Core Member
    5254 karma

    Maybe make September your 1st take.

  • OneFortyDotSixOneFortyDotSix Alum Member
    edited June 2018 634 karma

    I would postpone to September (or later, if you're okay waiting a year) if I was in your position.

    Also how often are you PT'ing? More than twice a week is pushing it.

    Also worth noting - you'll want to finish all of the 7sage core lessons before you get heavy into PT'ing. If your fundamentals aren't solid you could be wasting the finite number of PT's on method development when they should be reserved for test simulation.

  • OneFortyDotSixOneFortyDotSix Alum Member
    634 karma

    Also, what did you score on your diagnostic/first PT? What is your goal? It sounds like you've only been at this around a month. For people whose diagnostic is in the mid 150s it can take anywhere from 6-12 months to consistently score in the 170's. Depending on your post law school goals it may be worth the investment.

  • Llama WhispererLlama Whisperer Alum Member
    138 karma

    Hey! thanks for all the replies everyone!
    my diagnostic score after finishing the 7sage curriculum was a 155. Subsequent PTs have not seen much improvement despite my BR score going up. I am stuck at 155, 156 or 157 for the PTs I've done. Furthermore, I always find myself missing questions or not finishing in time. My goal would be a 165+

  • pasu1223pasu1223 Alum Member
    109 karma

    Taking the September test shouldn't change much (other than having to study more) as you should get your scores back in time to apply at the front of the cycle. You can always check school specifics on early applying. The Sept test is the last test that can be taken to early apply at UT Austin.

    I'd say take June and keep studying until you get your scores back so you've covered ground if you need to take September.

  • Llama WhispererLlama Whisperer Alum Member
    138 karma

    I'm in Canada, and would not be applying to US schools! Our last accepted LSAT for the cycle of many universities is up to the february sitting (although by then the rolling applications would have already started). I am thinking of just biting the bullet and taking the June, as it is way too late to change anything anyways. Will get results back by the end of June and get back into studying for September?

    Thanks again for all the advice/tips and replies everyone! The 7sage community is truly amazing

  • KaterynaKateryna Alum Member
    984 karma

    @"Llama Whisperer" if you are registered for june lsat - take it. you already paid money for it and you will get a good practice out of it. worst comes to worst you can always cancel your score.

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