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Washington DC: International Trade Center

jakeplummerjakeplummer Member

Does anyone have any information about the test center in the International Trade Center (Ronald Reagan Building) in Washington DC? My test center got switched to here and I have no idea where to go, since the Reagan Building is a massive federal building. Any advice??


  • Kyle....Kyle.... Alum Member
    134 karma

    Bump in case someone else knows the answer to this (also taking at ITC...)

  • asr226asr226 Alum Member
    14 karma

    I sat for my LSAT's at the ITC, and it was pretty easy to find/get around once you're inside.

    You can take the Metro right up to the building, Federal Triangle stop is right outside the ITC. If you are dropped off by a friend or a cab, it's just as easy. Any of the doors on the outside of the building have a security stop (metal detectors and security officers) on the inside of the doors, which prevent you from getting into and wandering through the building.
    All of the security staff has been briefed on each event going on in the building that day, so they know that the LSAT is going on. They can direct you, and if you get lost, there are signs in each hallway with arrows directing you to the test location.

    Good luck!

  • jakeplummerjakeplummer Member
    77 karma

    Wow thank you so much for the info. How were the desks / room set up?

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