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Any Tips for Studying While Pregnant?

Victoria.Victoria. Member
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Hi Everyone. So I'm about 5 months pregnant and just finished with the cc. I plan on taking the Sept test (while just entering into my 8th month - def looking forward to that) and am about to begin my pt/timed drills/fp journey. I just wanted to reach out and see if others who have studied in the past while pregnant or are currently pregnant and planning on taking the test soon have any tips or wisdom to share from their journeys. I have also been having a lot of hip pain lately was wondering if any of you experienced the same and have recommendations for dealing, especially during full pts (I took a timed 4 section pt yesterday and my hip was killing me, although the pain wasn't unbearable it was mostly just distracting and annoying)

Advice regarding applying for accommodations for pregnancy would also be extremely appreciated and if anyone is interested in forming a support group/chat/anything for others in a similar studying-while-pregnant situation please let me know!


  • KaterynaKateryna Alum Member
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    I am 27 weeks today and taking this June LSAT. I am also getting ready to take September one if I need to retake (my due date is September 15th, September lsat is September 7th, so that should be fun). Anyways its certainly challenging. It gets even more so when you feel your baby kick you all the time. I get a lot of strange looks for being pregnant and taking LSAT, it will be intresting to see how many students taking the test will be weird about my huge bump :) Anyways, there are really no tips that I can give except keep studying. Pregnancy is not an illness and you are capable of performing just as you would with not being pregnant.

  • Victoria.Victoria. Member
    edited June 2018 553 karma

    @Kateryna Good luck today! You're going to do great - ignore any lookeyloos, you got this. Thank you so much for you're response, especially the last bit of encouragement because it is so true and it's the mindset that I want make sure I continue to have moving forward (I had a terrible time with morning sickness that just finally ended about a week ago, and now I'm just starting to feel my baby move ❤ although the movement's still just little flutters and I'm sure it's going to be much tougher to study through when I'm further along). Also, I would love to hear more about your test day experience in general if/when you're up for sharing afterwards.

  • Victoria.Victoria. Member
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    @Positive thanks so much for posting the link here! I've read this post a few times and never failed to be inspired

  • rebecca.liujingrebecca.liujing Alum Member
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    Hi! I'm wrote the above post a while back. Regarding applying for accommodations, my advice would be, do it very very early on. Know the deadline. I took the test on Dec, but the deadline for that application was in Oct.. so I unfortunately missed it. But if you get started early, it would be fairly smooth because all you need to do is have your OB filled out the form for you, and file the applications in advance.
    I think if you managed to get accommodation, you can do breaks after each session, that would be a great help in general. You won't be nervous about bathroom breaks and you can actually benefit from the breaks to clear your head and shake off any bad feelings from the previous session. Also, you can do your PTs with breaks as well. Even better!

    If you have any other specific questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

  • Victoria.Victoria. Member
    553 karma

    Oh my gosh @"rebecca.liujing" thank you so much! Applying for accomodations was becoming daunting for me because I couldn't find anything online about doing so for pregnancy but I'll get started on it right away and hopefully it'll be a smooth process especially because I'm sure my hip pain is only going to increase as my baby grows. Luckily now the accommodations deadline is the same day as the registration deadline (wish that could've been the case when you registered, but you still did amazing and insipired so many people along the way!).

  • LivingThatLSATdreamLivingThatLSATdream Alum Member
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    Not pregnant here, but suffer from extreme hip/pelvic floor pain. Microwave heating pads are life. So are ice packs. If you find they help and you are planning on applying for accommodation, you may even get your doctor to write it in on your forms so you can have them on test day.

  • rebecca.liujingrebecca.liujing Alum Member
    334 karma

    @"Victoria." it's better to leave some wiggle room as you might need to submit more material, which all have to make the deadline

  • Victoria.Victoria. Member
    553 karma

    @LivingThatLSATdream ahh thank you I'm going to see if that helps while I'm studying/taking pts too! @"rebecca.liujing" yes my fear is not getting everything in on time especially if they ask for supplemental docs, definitely going to start asap

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