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Tips on making the most of study time

willis91willis91 Alum Member

I'm registered for the September test and am starting to freak out about it. I am ~4 years out of college and work a pretty demanding full time job, and have been studying as much as I can for about the last 9 months. I had not starting doing PTs except for my diagnostic a while ago which I scored a 163. I did my first PT since then over the weekend, and my score dropped to 160 after months and months of studying! I'm feeling discouraged because my target is 170. With only 12 weeks until the test, I've planned out realistically being able to do 16 more PTs. I'm worried this isn't enough, or if my time would be better spent drilling LG which is where I have the lowest scores. I'm missing 3 or less on RC, 5 or less on LR, and fluctuating wildly on LG. Any advice?


  • AshleighKAshleighK Alum Member
    786 karma

    Fool proof logic games from PT 1-36, target your weaknesses by question type, BR/drill, and go through the CC to grasp your fundamentals. That's a great diagnostic score and a 170 will take work but you can definitely do it! I'm also aiming for the September exam, you should join the September group. Ask @keets993 to add you if you're interested. My best advice is plan out a schedule and stick to it. Whatever works best for you :)

  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    That sounds like too many PTs. Also, if you have a strong RC score already, you can most likely do it. That tends to take people the longest

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