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NA can be an answer to a Strengthen question, but a Strengthen cannot be an answer to a NA question

Is it true that a Necessary Assumption answer choice can be an answer to a Strengthen question, but a Strengthen answer cannot be an answer to a NA question? It seems like NA denies a possible weakness and that can be consider a form of strengthening. Yes, no?


  • Adam HawksAdam Hawks Alum Member
    990 karma

    Yes an NA answer choice in a strengthening question can be the correct answer as it makes the argument stronger.

    NA answer choices usually fall within 1 of 5 categories:

    1.) Premise Boosters - repeating information already stated in the argument
    2.) Conclusion Redundancy- Restating the conclusion
    3.) Opposites- Answers that when inserted into the argument actually hurt the argument
    4.) Out of Scope- Answers that introduce new information into the argument beyond the original scope (e.g. Animals on earth compared to aliens from Jupiter)
    5.) Logical Force- Answers that usually have must, all, need, require, only, etc.

    NA answer choices are going to be very weak in the logical force area (sometimes this isn't the case). So look for answer choices that help with the new terminology found in the conclusion and will have "may," "some," "not all," etc. Also remember your task, find the answer that the argument cannot survive without.

    Hope this helps.

  • jkjohnson1991jkjohnson1991 Alum Member
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    Been drilling NA like crazy past few days, finally getting it down. I thank 7Sage for the 20+ practice sets of NA on the Ultimate + because I need all of them. It really does take repitition and practice, along with every thing else on this test lol. I have a feel for the traps, subtlety and I’m able to spot it all much faster.

  • JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member
    edited June 2018 3112 karma

    It is possible that a strengthener is also the correct answer to an NA. If no other answer choice is necessary, then it is possible that the remaining answer thereby both strengthens and is necessary. Further, it works in both ways. Without that answer choice, the argument is destroyed. So the correct answer to a NA necessarily strengthens the argument. Thus, it is both a strengthener and an NA.

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