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Tip for Flaw Quesstions

SF City DuSF City Du Alum Member
edited June 2018 in Logical Reasoning 84 karma

Very often, you will be able to eliminate two answer choices from a Flaw Question very quickly and easily due to their obvious faults, leaving 3 possible correct ACs.

If you become stuck between these 3 ACs, a tip that I have found EXTREMELY useful is to recognize that 2 of the remaining ACs are often actually saying the exact same thing, just using different language or phrasing. If you recognize the 2 ACs that are the same, instantly eliminate both of them and circle the 3rd AC as your final answer.

Yes, ACs are always meant to be confusing and seem similar. But specifically with Flaw Questions, these answer choices are MORE than just similar, they are the completely the same. There will NEVER be a question that presents you with two matching ACs where 1 of those ACs is the correct answer. NEVER.

An example (I have only included the remaining 3 ACs):

Question: _"A group of citizens opposes developing a nearby _
Admin note: Please do not post an actual LSAT question. PT72.S3.Q11.

The argument above is flawed in that it

A) bases it conclusion mainly on a claim that an opposing argument is weak

B) illicitly infers that because each member of a set has a certain property that set itself has the property

D) illicitly infers that an attribute of a few users of the proposed trail will characterize a majority of users on the trail

If you understand the question AND understand Answer Choice B and D, you will see that they are actually saying the exact same thing: that you cannot generalize the qualities of a group from the qualities of a specific few. It's the same answer, just worded differently. Cross them both out and choose your remaining option (A)! Even if you're not positive, this is a great way of leading yourself to the right answer!


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