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June 2018 Registration (Asia): To cancel, or not to cancel

taytay91taytay91 Alum Member
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Hi, June 2018 test in Asia is about 5 days away and I hit a conundrum.

This will be my second LSAT since last June when I decided to finish my Master's thesis first before giving another shot. I wasn't well prepared and test-day anxiety really got me so I scored 158.

Unfortunately, even after studying for a few months, my PT score range is broader than I would want it to be (160-167) and I believe this is largely related to my unstable score in RC section.

Frankly, I ultimately want to aim for 170+ but I know it is definitely not a realistic goal this time around. My BR scores range from 168-175, (which is again, quite broad) but timed-PT always gets me. I panic a lot whenever I see a question that throws me off and have a hard time concentrating on the following questions.

So, what I'm wondering is that if I should go ahead with the June 2018 or cancel the registration and take it in October. Since this is my second time around and my score is not stable, I'm afraid I'll score lower than my usual PT which I believe will look bad. I know getting through the test day/timed-test anxiety is something that you need to kind of get used to but knowing my unstable score, I doubt I'll get over it this time. But again, I hear Law schools would only care about the highest score so I might as well use this opportunity to get over myself with test-day anxiety although it is not a guarantee. There are so many different opinions about multiple LSAT scores and Law school's attitude towards them but I'd like some opinions from you fellow 7-Sagers.

Thanks in advance!


  • LastLSATLastLSAT Alum Member
    1028 karma

    It won't hurt you to keep the score on record, especially if it ends up being higher than your first attempt, which sounds likely anyway, given your PT improvement. You can establish a clear upward trend with your third take, which will hopefully be the 170+ you're shooting for (totally doable with BR scores like those).

    I faced the same issue of not getting hung up on difficult questions. It caused me to score almost 10 points lower than my PT average. I worked on just learning to take it one question at a time though, blocking prior questions from my mind entirely after moving on. I attribute the vast improvement on my retake entirely to this change in thought process. You might want to drill specifically with this strategy in mind—it definitely helped me.

    Just FYI, though, there is no October LSAT this year—there will only be a September and November administration.

  • Regis_Phalange63Regis_Phalange63 Alum Member
    1058 karma

    @LastLSAT said:

    Just FYI, though, there is no October LSAT this year—there will only be a September and November administration.

    Actually in Asia, there are June, October and January tests this academic year. Quite different from North American dates.

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