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BigLaw Regional Differences

Juana B. AloyaJuana B. Aloya Alum Member
in Bar 19 karma

Hi all - I'm curious if others have opinions on the regional differences (or similarities) in BigLaw culture/work-life balance. I work at a BigLaw firm in Minneapolis, and have noticed that very few attorneys work the extreme hours that characterize the BigLaw environments of NY, CA, etc. I've heard that the Midwestern BigLaw lifestyle is much more relaxed, and am wondering if anyone could speak to BigLaw in other regions of the US (the south, Florida, Southwest, Northeast outside of New York, etc.). I would happy working in a BigLaw environment that emulates my firm, but not a BigLaw environment like in NY.


  • JSavage18JSavage18 Member
    5 karma

    Idk if this applies to all of the midwest. From what I have heard from people working in Chicago BL, the hours there are pretty comparable with NYC.

  • btownsqueebtownsquee Alum Member
    1207 karma

    I have heard Chicago biglaw is intense as well. So interesting to hear about your Minneapolis experience! Makes me want to consider smaller markets such as these. :)

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