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About Starting Prep Testing

jyang72jyang72 Alum Member
edited November 2014 in General 844 karma
Hi guys. I've been focusing on Logic Game bundle for almost 2 months and I am about to start real prep test. Since I did not focus on LR too much recently. Do you guys think I need to review for previous class first then do prep test? I do not want to waste these precious prep test in 7sage. I will appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.


  • danballinger5danballinger5 Alum Member
    198 karma
    I would absolutely do some review. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can forget things / get rusty. You might want to spend a few days reviewing all three sections before you jump on a prep test. In my opinion, familiarity is a key factor to LSAT success.
  • _FIDELIO__FIDELIO_ Alum Member
    98 karma
    well. LR counts 2X as logic games. You can get 100% on LG and still get a bad LSAT score. At some point I would start creating a schedule around LR. You still need to spend ample time each day with LG and RC but most of your time goes into figuring out LR questions.
  • jyang72jyang72 Alum Member
    844 karma
    It is true. That's why I bought old LSAT and started reviewing last week. I just figured I need to review them again otherwise I will just simply forget them. It is true that I need to focus on LR more since it is 50 percent of my grades. Thank you guys.
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