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Our Forum rules help ensure that we continue to have a caring community. So please follow the rules! One of the rules is: "Do not post LSAT questions, any copyrighted content, or links to content that infringe on copyright."

How to Search the Forums

If you've got a question to ask, chances are really good that someone else already asked the same question. Chances are also good that it's already been answered! So, instead asking the question again and waiting around to get a good response, search the Forums first! You might be able to find your response instantly. Here's how to search:

How to Bookmark a Thread

If you find a thread that you want to stay on top of, you can get notifications so you're kept in the loop. Just click the star on the thread so it turns yellow, like this:

You can see new notifications by clicking your username and then notifications, like this:

You will also start receiving emails from the 7Sage Forum. If prefer not to receive these emails, you can change your preferences on your profile, like this:

How to send Direct Messages (DM) to other users

Go to someone's profile and click "Message":

How to Post an image

You can post an image by pasting an image URL.

How to Post a GIF

You can post a GIF by pasting a gif URL.

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