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LSAC/CAS other institutions correction?

8 long years ago I took two summer classes at two separate campuses of one institution (that has like 4-5 campuses). When I was putting in my "other institutions" all of the separate campuses showed up as an option. I normally would've just put the main campus for both of them (so for example, Farmville University vs Farmville University Fairview and Farmville University Midtown) but I compared that to another institution that has separate campuses and they only had the main campus listed as an option for that one, so like a total ding dong I took that as these separate campuses being discrete, separate places. I know, I should've done more due diligence then.

After sending both transcript request forms to the registrar (on the office of the main campus), they sent one transcript in. I contacted the registrar and they explained that because I was technically a declared student of "Fairview" the whole transcript (for both classes) was sent from there. So I contacted LSAC at and explained my mistake and I am still waiting for a response or at least for them to take the other institution down. Has anyone dealt with this? Is it just a matter of they're slow and they'll get to me eventually or do I need to take further action?

tl;dr I made an honest (albeit slightly foolish) mistake reporting my other institutions, one of them just needs to be removed, I contacted LSAC via and have not gotten any response.


  • VibrioVibrio Alum Member
    625 karma

    Hey. I'm sure they will respond. It takes them a couple of days to reply. Is that one transcript already processed into the file? It looks like something they can easily correct. So don't worry too much about it and maybe wait a couple more days.

  • janea2018janea2018 Alum Member
    20 karma

    Thanks! They did take care of it, it just took a few days.

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