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Gap in Work Experience

msk12345msk12345 Alum Member

I worked for two years straight out of college (from May 2016 to July 2018) and then started studying for the LSAT full-time as well as doing some volunteer work. Do I need to address the time between when I left my job (July 2018) to when I will be hitting apply on my application (December 2018) somewhere on my resume? I have my volunteer activities during this time listed under my volunteer section. U Chicago, for instance, says "If your education or work has been interrupted for more than a normal vacation period, please describe your activities during that time in your résumé or in a separate addendum". Perhaps just a bullet under my personal section saying that I studied for the LSAT full-time from August 2018 to November 2018?


  • LastLSATLastLSAT Alum Member
    1028 karma

    I think the fact that you were volunteering during this time excuses you for the need for an addendum. If you were doing nothing during this period besides LSAT study, it may have been a good idea. But given your prior work experience and the fact that you had other responsibilities during this study period, I think your idea for a simple bullet point on the resume would suffice.

    For what it's worth, I was unemployed for eight months out of college and got into a T14 last cycle with $$$. I did write an addendum for this last cycle. Now that I'm reapplying with some full-time work experience under my belt, I've been admitted to higher ranked schools with no addendum at all.

  • msk12345msk12345 Alum Member
    247 karma

    That is great to know! Thank you for your feedback, and congratulations on your successful application cycles last year and this year.

  • Sam TylerSam Tyler Alum Member
    454 karma

    tbh I think it will have no effect on your app either way, but doesnt hurt to write it.

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