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Searchijg for a serious study buddy

Citygirl-1-1Citygirl-1-1 Core Member

Hi i am looking for a serious study buddy for either the June or July test.
My schedule is weird because I have to work.
I can meet
Tuesday I can’t meet
Friday I can meet after 11 until whatever time I need to be there
Saturday and Sunday I am flexible can meet morning or afternoon or evening.
I live on the upper west side. I am happy to meet any where on the weekend but during the weekday I have to stay on the upper west side because I have to be at work at 1. We can meet at any library or my apartment is quiet. I use 7sage and I have all the resources, books, prep tests. I am scoring in the high 150’s. I am hoping for a 180. I will settle for a 179 but nothing below that. My strength are Logic Games. My weakness is RC. Let me know if anyone is interested and willing to put the work and conquer this test. Let’s go to HAVARD LAW SCHOOL TOGETHER CLASS OF 2023


  • lamarmckenzielamarmckenzie Free Trial Member
    10 karma

    I live in New Jersey and am also taking the July LSAT. My strength and weakness areas are similar to yours.

  • Did I StutterDid I Stutter Member
    384 karma

    I live in NYC and Im also taking the July LSAT. I have a pretty open schedule so I can meet whenever and as often as needed to study. Let me know if you're still looking for a study buddy!

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