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March LSAT: RC Drilling or Advice? Looking for Study Partner!

rene4231rene4231 Alum Member
edited February 2019 in Reading Comprehension 162 karma

My last 4 PTs fall between 162-164, in reviewing these I've been able to establish where my weakness is.. but I genuniely am at a loss for how to improve.

I completed PT60 (June'10) yesterday and scored 162. I am able to accept my LG and LR missed questions, because I've learned why I was wrong and the why the correct answer is correct.

However, RC is another story entirely. I consistently missed 10-11 questions in this section, and not necessary because I run out of time. I typically finish the last passage with about 2-3 minutes to review anything I was unsure about.

Anyhow, ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! If someone wants to be study partners (at least for RC) I do have pdf copies of some LSATs I'd be willing to share.

PT60 Breakdown:
S1.LR (-6)
S2.LG (-2)
S3.LR (-5)
S4.RC (-11)


  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
    8699 karma

    There is more than likely some sort of issue between reading the passage and seeing/understanding/comprehending the ideas that can be used in the questions going on here. My recommendation would be to take 4 or 5 sets of RC passages and go through them untimed over the course of a week. Use 7Sage's explanations and attempt to see precisely where the correct answers come from and precisely why the correct answers are indeed correct. Patterns here are going to emerge that will more than likely net you a few more points.

    Good luck

  • BlindReviewerBlindReviewer Alum Member
    855 karma

    Hey -- I'm also looking to take the March exam and, while I can't be sure because I've only taken one PT since I've started focusing more on RC, one thing that's really helped me (and I know for RC the problem areas are harder to diagnose / are different from person to person) is anticipating what they might ask about in the questions. Of course there's no real way to know what they're going to ask, but I started underlining dates, people who are making particular claims (the "critics" or the "scientists") and try to keep track of who is saying what. I've found that even if some of what I pick up on isn't asked in the questions, the process has at least made me stay active while reading. I've also found that it really helps to then go back to the passage and quickly skim to refresh on what the question might be asking for (e.g. a certain group is likely to agree with...) before going into it.

    Feel free to PM to talk more / do some more specific troubleshooting!

  • YouveGotMailYouveGotMail Alum Member
    78 karma

    Hello! I sent you a PM with my advice and tips.

  • tpoivretpoivre Free Trial Member
    2 karma

    I would appreciate the PT if possible. I'm new to the LSAT and would gladly use the help. Thanks!

  • hallandhalland Free Trial Member
    25 karma

    I'm down

  • lamarmckenzielamarmckenzie Free Trial Member
    10 karma

    I will be taking the July LSAT and would love if you would share your pdf practice tests with me.

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