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Thoughts about retaking in February...

LeoFiro8LeoFiro8 Alum Member
edited December 2014 in General 244 karma
Hey all, So after taking the December ( my first time) , I'm having thoughts about canceling or keeping the score, which is a different story, but I wanted to ask from students about what they think about February exam for this cycle? isn't it true that since admission cycle opened OCT 1st most students have already gotten admission because of the rolling base and also that most scholarship money is gone since half of the classes are already full? If i happen to cancel my score or do poorly that I have to retake in february, wouldn't that be already too late and therefore a waste of time instead of taking it in June for the next cycle? I am surprised to see people even talking about taking february knowing these facts... please shed some light on this, specially the lawgic of those who are set on taking it.


  • JengibreJengibre Legacy Member
    383 karma
    I never planned on applying this cycle, but I hope to take the February test to get it out of the way, thus avoiding four more months studying for June. There are other things I'd like to focus on (both law school application wise and just in life in general) during those other months, and not having the LSAT hanging over me would be awesome. However, if I don't feel I'm just where I want to be by the deadline to sign up for February, I will wait until June. If you are ready to spend the next 6 months studying to apply for next cycle, I agree that June is a better option than February.
  • ddakjikingddakjiking Legacy Inactive ⭐
    edited December 2014 2116 karma
    With declining applicants/applications, someone could still get in with a Feb score....but you will most likely lose out on big scholarship money, given your stats are competitive for the school.

    But there are other reasons for people taking in Feb though. I will be taking it in Feb and NOT applying this cycle. Someone may have studied for months and a Feb timeline fits in with their schedule where as June would be an additional 4 month wait.

    You having to retake in Feb doesn't necessarily mean a waste of time. If you have been PT'ing at least your target score and test day jitters just got the best of you, then Feb is a perfect time to just practice a bit more and come in with a more calmed mentality.
  • jdawg113jdawg113 Alum Inactive ⭐
    2654 karma
    there is also the fact of maybe you did okay in December but not what you wanted to get. maybe you got a score that will get you into the schools you were looking at but no more, no money. Plenty of people take Feb to negotiate for more money of a previous score along with like others have said, applying next cylce. So I would say keep studying, if you get a decent score and think a better one will allow for $$$ and you are ready, go for it. Otherwise waiting it out and taking a cycle off might be a better way to go
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