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Experience with 7sage's Comprehensive Admissions Consulting

Did I StutterDid I Stutter Member
edited February 2019 in Law School Admissions 384 karma

If anyone used 7sage's Comprehensive Admissions Consultant , I'd love to learn about your experience. I'm thinking about getting it myself. Please share your stories or review on the service. Thanks!


  • strugglinglsaterstrugglinglsater Free Trial Member
    87 karma

    Hey! I am currently using that service and I really love it. 1. It keeps me on task and on track. 2. They have really valuable editing for essays. 3. I am just entering the scholarship negotiation phase of my cycle and they have already been valuable in that. Obviously it is pricey but I would think hard about what aspects of the cycle you need help with. Being the first person in my family to apply to law school and living across the country from my parents AND being out of undergrad, this was the best option for me.

  • 12345678-212345678-2 Free Trial Member
    33 karma

    The consultants show great willingness to help and really put in the effort to answer all your questions/comments as quickly as possible. They will always be there for you! As the first in my family to go to law school, I was so unsure about everything from which schools I should apply to to writing continuing letters of interest to negotiating scholarships. My consultants looked at my numbers and were able to find the perfect strategy (ie. which schools I should set as my "target," "safety," and "reach") for me. They know the ins and outs of law school admissions, which was perfect for someone like me who knew almost nothing. They are really honest about this too---they don't try to sugarcoat anything but rather give you a realistic picture of what you can and probably cannot achieve. I got into my dream school, and I think a large part of it was because of this strategy. I'm about to enter the scholarship negotiation phase, and I'm sure that they'll be very helpful in this area as well!

  • Did I StutterDid I Stutter Member
    384 karma

    Thank you @strugglinglsater & @12345678-2 for sharing your experience!

  • TheoryandPracticeTheoryandPractice Alum Member
    1008 karma

    I got a harvard invitation interview very early in the cycle (November) with below both median numbers as a non-URM. That happens pretty rarely, especially so early on in the cycle. I don’t think I would have gotten the invite without 7Sage’s help.

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