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June 2019 Writing Sample

firefly2552025firefly2552025 Alum Member

Hi, I had taken the January 2019 administration of the LSAT. Will I be able to use that for my required writing sample? I am not sure if I need to take the writing sample again after because I'm doing the June 2019 test, too. LSAC has a new thing for the June 2019 test so wasn't sure how that applies.


  • Marce2020-1Marce2020-1 Member
    24 karma

    Hi, You may use your writing section from the January LSAT you took, if you log on into LSAC's website there is some more details re: this. I just read it. I'll post what I read to make it easier on you though:
    "Notice starting with June 2019 LSAT: The writing section will be separate from the LSAT starting with the June 3, 2019 test. This change will result in greater convenience and flexibility for test takers as the testing date will be shorter, the essay will be typed rather than handwritten, and it can be completed at a time and place of the test takers' choosing. By registering for the June LSAT, candidates will be automatically eligible to complete the writing section as of the date of the LSAT and up to one year thereafter. Candidates are only required to have one essay on file to complete their Law School Reports. Essays completed during previous LSAT administrations will still be valid for use in Law School Reports. If candidates have already taken the LSAT, they have the option of taking the writing section again for a fee of $15; however, taking the writing section again is not required. If candidates register for the June or July tests, the cost of the writing section is included in the total cost of the test which is $190. In other words, there is no additional cost to candidates."

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