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how to make sure not to forget the CC

So i am halfway through the CC (im on flaw descriptive) my main concern is while im going through the CC, will i be able to remember the other question types (strategies on how to tackle them) do you guys have any tips not to forget everything i learned until now?


  • 5MoreMinPlease5MoreMinPlease Yearly Member
    128 karma

    I waited until I finished the entire section's CC first. Then, after finishing a section's CC, I would do a couple untimed sections a week of it. So I'd do at least 2 untimed sections of LR, LG or RC depending on what I'm in the mood for.

  • Kermit750Kermit750 Alum Member
    2124 karma

    As you go, try to implement untimed drills of the question types you've done, so you're certain you understand it.

  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    You won't remember a lot of it. You are going to constantly have to refer back to the CC.

  • AlexAlex Alum Member
    23929 karma

    I took notes as well as did the problem sets after each lesson. I found that if I understood it, practiced it, and studied my notes, I didn’t really forget too much. But ohnoehalpme is correct that you’ll have to refer back to the CC a bunch, and that’s OK!

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