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March 2019 or Later

AndriiOnyskoAndriiOnysko Alum Member
in General 62 karma

Hello Everyone,

I am registered to take LSAT next Saturday. I am currently scoring between 155 and 159. I completed about 50% of tests and noticed that my score started significantly improving in the last few weeks. I definitely want to take June or even July LSAT. I am planning to start submitting law school applications starting August 2019 (2020 admission). Is there a chance any law school may not accept LSAT score from June or July?

Also, what is more common for law schools to do: take higher, later or average score when applicant took two tests?




  • Lawster9Lawster9 Alum Member
    393 karma

    All schools accept the June or the July LSAT. Admissions for law schools doesn’t open until September.

    Mostly every school uses your highest score (as that is what is reported to the ABA and then used for the rankings). I have heard that some Canadian schools average them (because Canadian schools aren’t part of the rankings).

  • Syed ZubairSyed Zubair Alum Member
    2 karma

    From what I'm aware, they generally look at the higher LSAT score but do glance at how many times you've taken the LSAT. Also, I'd say your best bet would be to contact the law schools individually and ask them what's the latest LSAT they're accepting if you're applying for Fall of 2019.

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