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Test Center Review: Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center (DC)

Erakel_123Erakel_123 Member
edited March 2019 in Test Center Reviews 58 karma

I was looking for some resources about this test center but I could barley find any before taking my exam. I just took the March 30, 2019, test and I have to say that I like the test center and would take another test there again (should I sadly have to retake). I think there were almost a hundred test takers, but you have enough space from each other since the room is pretty large. I was probably at least meter away from the next test taker. We also had plenty of desk space. However, the generous space might not be available if there significnatly more test takers.

It was pretty quiet the whole time. The room was really cold for more than half the exam, but later warmed up. I would suggest wearing layers of clothing that you can later shed. The bathrooms are right outside the test room but there was a long queue, since there are only three stalls (for women).

If you don't know your way around DC and have not been to the Ronald Reagan Building, I would suggest you visit the place before the exam since there is a considerable walk to the testing room if you did not enter the building through 14th St. There are security checks at each entrance and a metal detector.

Side note: The proctors were kind. For some bizzare reason on guy came up to the proctor and said he had no pencil... They gave him three pencils. One girl said she was freezing during the break, however, you are not supposed to access your coat since it was outside the test testing room so someone brought her coat in.


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