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jasminesadejasminesade Alum Member
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Can someone please help me with this? I've been on my laptop for hours and for some reason I am not understanding how this works. I've tried the 7sage predictor for the LSAC GPA and it just does not make sense to me I think I might be using it wrong. I have all the courses I have taken and I would appreciate any help on this matter. And if someone is even willing to compute it for me (I'll send you my classes/grades,etc) I will gladly Venmo you $5 for a Starbucks drink/dunkin or any coffee of your choice! I'm just freaking out because I'm scared my GPA will be lower than it already is and I could really use some help with this.
Thanks so much.


  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
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    It's kind of a lot of work entering it all in to the calculators, I never did that part myself.

    What you do is, look at how many credit hours you have for each grade. Say, if you got an A in 3 classes that were worth 4 credits each, you enter 12 next to the 'A'. So basically, you need to add up how many credit hours you have for each letter grade.

    Does that make sense?

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