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Most relationship help

chinobonitochinobonito Member
edited December 2014 in Logical Reasoning 105 karma
Is this correct?

A most B most C

A most C


  • blah170blahblah170blah Alum Inactive ⭐
    3545 karma
    There's no relationship between A and C.

    You can combine most statements if:

    A most B
    A most C
    Bs some Cs
  • Matt1234567Matt1234567 Inactive ⭐
    1294 karma
    ^ This. There's also a whole section on 7sage where J.Y goes over valid/invalid argument forms with intersect statements. It has really helped me with the confusing most/some relationships.
  • chinobonitochinobonito Member
    105 karma
    thank you both very very much!
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