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Cell phone

parkeunyparkeuny Alum Member
in July 2019 LSAT 162 karma

I'm taking the test tomorrow at a hotel about an hour away, and will need my phone for directions. The hotel front desk said they would be willing to hold my phone for me, but some other posts make it sound like I wouldn't even be able to get into the hotel with my phone? Could someone advise? Thanks!


  • MissChanandlerMissChanandler Alum Member Sage
    3256 karma

    You’ll definitely be able to get in with your phone. There will be regular guests there too, it’s not like the proctors are harassing everyone who walks into the building lol

  • parkeunyparkeuny Alum Member
    162 karma

    @MissChanandler Right? That's what I figured too, but thought better safe than sorry. Thanks for responding!

  • cooljon525-1-1cooljon525-1-1 Alum Member
    917 karma

    As long as you don't go inside the classroom with ur phone, you're fine.

  • parkeunyparkeuny Alum Member
    162 karma

    Thanks, @cooljon525 !

  • LSATTrevLSATTrev Member
    68 karma

    @MissChanandler Those evil-natured proctors/
    They're programmed to destroy us/
    We've gotta be strong to fight them/
    So we're takin' lots of vitamins!

  • fycw2068fycw2068 Alum Member
    404 karma

    Actually, there are some centers that are really strict. If the lobby is somewhere you have access to during break then technically that’s not allowed — restricted items are not allowed in any areas you have access to during break.

    Not sure how it went for you this time around but if you go to a different testing center I would recommend you leave your phone in the car (glove compartment, trunk, etc.). During my March test I saw 3 people get kicked out of a test because of cell phones and it was brutal.

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