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PTs v. Timed Sections for September LSAT

hurdlehopper101hurdlehopper101 Alum Member
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I use 7Sage, completed core curriculum (CC) a while ago and went back to review all of the logic material and I'm currently foolproofing games in the bundle (I've done PTs 1-20 so far, but have since taken a break from them when I began taking PTs). I have taken 3 PTs (June 2007 for the second time after 10 months, PT 69 and PT 73).

My goal score is 10-15 points (165+) higher than my actual scores and my blind review scores have been up to10 points less than my goal score (154-163). For each exam, my BR score for was at least 10 points higher than the actual PT score. I have also run out of time for almost every LR section and every LG section in these PTs.

Timing is certainly an issue for me and my BR average is not near my target score. Not sure how useful LSAT Analytics will be to me with only ~3PTs (2 Fresh PTs) so if I should take more PTs, what would be a good amount to take to assess true weaknesses? Timing is obviously a weakness but how much does that matter now--is that a problem to be addressed later or right now?What would be the best course of action? I'm looking to hear from people who have been or are in a similar situation so I can try out a few things to see what might work for me.

Who kept PTing and started seeing results? Who kept PTing continued to not see results, changed game plan and started seeing results? What was that change?

Things I've noticed:
Pretty much averaging -10 on each section from each of these PTs.
- Accuracy is getting better in LG (-0 in Blind Review) but running out of time during timed PTs so I end up guessing on the last game if I don't get to it or the game I skipped and returned to
- RC is a weakness--even after returning to the entire section untimed in blind review I am not seeing a significant improvement

- I have LR specific question type weaknesses and running out of time at the end of timed PTs

I plan on taking the exam in September and want to construct a game plan going into August so that I can be comfortably PTing in September with BR scores (hopefully) well above my goal score.

Long post, I know, but seriously seeking advice because PT scores are making me sad...

TL;DR: I'm basically asking the same question but I have not yet done or tried any LR or RC untimed:


  • threedotsthreedots Member
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    I'm on the same boat! Following this thread

  • ExcludedMiddleExcludedMiddle Alum Member
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    It sounds to me like you might be trying to force the September test, just judging by your current scores relative to your goal. If you're struggling to finish LG sections on time consistently, I would really, really recommend foolproofing the entire LG Bundle (PT 1-35 LG) strictly using the method recommended by JY. Some people have went through it all twice. Don't stop redoing a game until you're comfortably doing it in the recommended time and not missing a question on it. It's painful, but it helps. Do this before you do any more PTs. I would do timed sections of LR from the 40s and save recent PTs for practice tests. Use those sections to work on timing and figuring out your weaker areas. Then go into the CC and do problem sets of the problem types with which you're struggling after reviewing any areas from the curriculum you feel you might need to brush up on. The November test might be a good one to plan on taking. Best of luck.

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