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July 15, 2019 Make Up Exam

JM.ZJM.Z Alum Member
in July 2019 LSAT 142 karma

Did anyone take the rescheduled exam on July 29, 2019?

If so, how were everyone's feelings?


  • zcohen0813zcohen0813 Alum Member
    64 karma

    I took it in Lakeland. I found the test to be one of the easiest ones that I’ve taken so far aside from the RC which I had in section 5 and was completely lost. I’m hoping that it doesn’t affect my score too drastically. What’d you think?

  • JM.ZJM.Z Alum Member
    142 karma


    Interesting! I found it strangely easier as well, but suspiciously so, to the point that I have a bad feeling it might of have been one of those "slippery" LR section tests. But that's maybe just me being paranoid.

    I found RC to be quite manageable as opposed to recent test ones to be honest. I also had 2 RC's.

    Its all a blur now, but I had one RC with some psychological test thingy which I found tougher.
    The other RC I really cannot remember hahaahha

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