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Should I write sept or October?

Lolo1996Lolo1996 Legacy Member
in General 498 karma

Hey all,

Help me decide when to write, please.

Pros of September:
- work starts full time in October (and I don’t want to ask for more time off but I suppose I could) and it is demanding (audit — lots of unpaid overtime). I have a hard time working and studying at the same time (my household is v loud and I can’t get anything done, EVER. I also live far from a library/coffee shop etc.)
- disclosed
- less anxiety bc I know I can rewrite in October if I don’t do well
- 300$
- you can only write 3x in a test year and I wrote in July (planning to cancel), and if I F up September and October I have 1 take left (since I think it’s effective after July)

Pros of October:
- more prep time but not really because work is starting (maybe I’ll forget what I learned?). Unless I extend my study leave or quit my job, then I’ll really have a lot more time and will be comfortably prepared. I already extended my study leave until the end of September though. Can’t stand my job, but I need to save up for school and need a LoR from my manager. Also it looks good on my resume.
- free (I’ll cancel the July score)
- really pushing the deadline for my applications (I feel?)
- more prep time = more anxiety

I am currently scoring 150-152 when timed. I would like to score high 160s. That’s realistic, right? I have been studying since the beginning of June.

If anyone has any suggestions at all on the path I should take please let me know. I’m mostly applying to Canadian universities (maybe 1 or 2 American ones). I am also a horrible test taker. Sorry my mind is all over the place right now, I don’t know what I should do!

When to write?
  1. Write in September and rewrite in October6 votes
    1. Write in October only but ask for a larger study leave
    2. Write in October only and find a less demanding job
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